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Dayo Olopade is a Nigerian-American journalist.

Growing up in Chicago, she read enough books to eventually win a prize for collecting them in college. She graduated from Yale with degrees in Literature and African Studies, then began her writing career in Washington. She covered politics at The New Republic, The Slate Group, and the Daily Beast, and has also written reviews, feature articles and profiles for many outlets, including The Atlantic, The American Prospect, Democracy, Foreign Policy, The GuardianThe Nation, The New York Times and The Washington Post. 

In 2010, she moved to Nairobi to report a book, as part of a fellowship with the New America Foundation. The Bright Continent: Breaking Rules and Making Change in Modern Africa was released in 2014.

She is currently completing a JD/MBA at Yale University, as a Knight Law and Media Scholar, exploring the policies, strategies, and technologies that promote access to knowledge around the world.

You can follow Dayo here, or on Twitter. The book is here. Email her here.


One thought on “About Dayo

  1. Hi Dayo,

    I just wondered, has anyone ever told you that your name has a meaning in Japanese? As you may know, Japanese has at least six forms of the verb “is”, ranging from the very polite “de gozaimasu” all the way down to the basic, informal “da”, which is what you use when talking to friends or family.

    Meanwhile, “yo” is an emphatic, roughly equivalent to an exclamation point. So when reading your work, I often think to myself (I live in Tokyo) “So dayo!”, which translates roughly to “Yeah, that’s the way it is!”

    Anyway, what a great name for a journalist. Keep it up, I love your stuff.

    Tom Donahue

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